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Sarti Chalkidiki

130 km from Thessaloniki Airport

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Surfing – Kajak – Cat Surfing – Silder Ring – Banana Sport – Water Ski. You can visit the following site for more informations:

A breath taking discovery scuba diving in Sarti. Diving Overview has a maximum diving depth of around 30m (98.4ft) and is suitable for all divers. The average visibility is 10-20 meters and access to the dive site is by boat. Ready for a new challenge? Why not open your eyes to the sights, sounds and sensations of a new exciting underwater world with discover scuba?

At organized diving centers at the east coast of Sithonia the dive instructors will start with theory and the familiarization with the equipment a diver uses and then it will be time for you to dive and discover the home of exotic fishes and plants. For beginners as well for experts. Also diving courses with Padi exams are offered.

Schedule: from Sarti every day at 10:00 & at 14:00 or by appointment. You can visit follow site for more informations:


A beautiful day tour along the shore of the monk republic of Mount Athos.Our cruise starts from the picturesque port of Sarti, with a boat of Katerina and Anestis offering all the standard comforts to its passengers.

Robinson Cruise

Adventure at open Sea. Enjoy one funny and adventurous trip by boat. We start at noon to the northern coast of Sithonia. By our first stop you have the chance to swim and snorkel around. Dive into the deep blue and collect sea urchins and oysters and whatever else you think can be eaten for the dinner. Maybe one octopus can be on your way. Are you ready for this challenge? We continue to a local fishery. You have to catch your own sea bream otherwise you will go hungry and nobody wants that right? Finally we arrive at a lonely beach but there is no time to relax just yet. Prepare the sea food and the salads and you will awarded with fine wine and tsipouro from the captain Peter. Enjoy the sunset and relax. Bouzouki music and lots of “Syrtaki” will please you till late and make this evening unforgettable.

Schedule: from Sarti: every Tuesday – Departure: 11.00, Arrival: 19.00.

Blue Lagoon Cruise

Enjoy one funny full day swimming cruise and sunset tour. Come on and follow us to our captain waiting for you at the harbor of Sarti. We start in the morning by boat with destination the northern part of Sithonia where you have the opportunity to jump into the open sea and admire the marvelous beaches of Vourvourou and Kavourotripes. In the evening at our last stop you can prepare together with our captain the grill and the salads and we promise you an unforgettable cruise with unlimited wine and lot of fun.

Schedule: from Sarti every Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Departure: 11.00, Arrival: 19.00

Mule Riding

Up to the mules and into the mountains of Sithonia. An unforgettable trip into the romantic nature. Our experienced guide will show you hidden places you’ll never expect. Choose quite individually your Mule whether it is called Markus, Vangelis or Ermis everything you bring in the purpose! Experience an unforgettable day in thrilling nature. Hold a chat with the experienced leader or sing a song high on top on the back of the Mulis and high on top on the mountains. Hold on the camera well if you shoot panoramic pictures. Do a short rest for yourselves and the Mules and recover in the shade of the olive trees. Enchant yourselves by this unique nature and surprise yourselves by hidden places which you would never have expected. A ride for the whole family.

Schedule from Sarti: every day Departure: 09:00, Arrival: 13:30 or Departure: 14:00, Arrival: 18:30.

Horse Riding

On the back of a horse you find the real freedom. But before you can saddle up, you will be introduced by our experienced trainer in the practice of riding. In the paddock outside of the village you get to know our horses, with which you will take a leisurely ride with other riders together into the mountains or go either to the sea. Experience the fascinating environment and the unforgettable nature, a welcome respite from the sunbathing. Do not forget a hat, just because of the sun.

Schedule from Sarti: every day.